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"Conference Theme 2013: Healing is in the Spirit"
" Kamitic Healing and Spirituality "

Taui University, the educational arm of the Ausar Auset Society announces its Fall 2011 Classes, and the Taui University Forum (www.TauiUniversity.com), a social media place where spiritually-minded people like you can meet others, befriend and engage in lively discussions on spiritual, and historical, economics, and social topics for the upliftment of Black people throughout the world.

Taui University is the Ausar Auset Society and Taui Network Inc. provider of spiritual educational services to the international general public.

The spiritual teachings behind Kamit’s success have lain hidden in its holy books and the spiritual traditions it spawned around the world. While many scholars have chosen to focus their attention on the history and material accomplishments of Kamit, we have made it our mission to bring to the world the spiritual teachings that brought spiritual, social, and technological harmony, peace and prosperity to Kamit.

We have seen the validity of these teachings and relevance to the world today in their application to our lives. We are sure that their dissemination will play a major role in turning back the tides of decay that are now threatening today’s world. Spirituality, not wars, financial schemes, and politicking, is what will save the world.

Taui University is not an officially registered “university” in the ordinary sense. It is one of the many unofficial universities that have made their appearance over the past twenty years. It is well known that the official universities have not kept up with the learning demands of the times and are, for the most part, lacking in the capacity, will or political freedom to teach the spiritual, esoteric, psychological, historical and sociological truths that are the only means of changing the present self destructive course of history. We realistically envision the day when Taui University, with your vote of confidence and participation, will become an official and accredited institution.

The spiritual teachings that form the core of the present offerings of Taui University were generated by Ra Un Nefer Amen through his internationally acclaimed publications (Metu Neter Vols. 1 – 5, Maat 11 Laws of God, etc.). These teachings have been tested and verified by the Ausar Auset Society over the past 38 years.


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