Thank You very much.  I will like to begin by thanking all of you who are here, because it fills us with great expectations, not hope, great expectations for Black America.  There is a saying out there you know, heal a woman you heal a nation, same thing applies to men, heal a man you heal a nation.  It is important to heal a man, but sometimes the obvious is not really the obvious, like why do you want to heal, why do you want to be healthy, the obvious answer might be well of course, and who wants to be sick. Who wants to have pain?  Who wants to be dysfunctional?  You have to understand that what motivates you to accomplish something is often greater than what you are accomplishing.  You see that, I became aware of that you know, when my first son was born, and I began to think about raising this boy, and what kind of person that child will become.  I say you know that’s like 18—20—25 years down the road, will I be alive then.  As the years go by will I have the money and the means to do that, after all was said I began to worry about things that I never ever give any taught to.  Meaning that all of a sudden, I discovered a higher purpose for living, I took living for granted.  Now I was living see looking 10—15—20—30 years down the road, I better be alive then, I better be resourceful then, I better, you follow what I am saying.  That took on a new dimension, that child give me a higher reason for staying alive, for being financially stable and so on.

So when you think about healing and being healthy, you should think beyond just simply feeling good and having your mobility and your functions, you must thing of a higher reason.  This is a holistic and by holistic I just don’t want to say holistic medicine, I am talking about holistic life.  Looking at life holistically, how does health, holistic health ties into your holistic view of life.  Is health a part of your financial success strategy, think about it because many of you might be working your finances and you did not factor in health in there, you see that.  How is health part of your marital strategy, you want to have a wife and kids, and accomplish things , but did you factor in health, you see that, you concerned about what’s happening politically to us, the assault on Black people, especially Black men, by the police and white people and things of that nature and you might be a part of an action group or whatever, but did you factor health into it, and when I say factor-in health I just don’t mean physical capability, and functionality.  I am talking about mental ability, talent, power, physic ability, spiritual powers, is that clear to you.  That’s why it is holistic health, also holism in terms of living.

It is time that Black men in America begin to understand, that what is on your plate is going to impact your ability to save Black People.  If every Black man when they sat down to eat understood that they are making a political statement, a financial statement, that they are making a political move, a financial move.  If you understood that what is on your plate that what you are drinking will have an impact on our ability to survive and flourish as a nation, is that clear to you, that is holistic thinking.  In other words, when we think about holistic medicine we think about the total person.....(Read More)