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Ur Aua Hehi Metu Ra En kamit
(Presently pursuing Ph.D. in African Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi Ghana)
Director of Adult Education - Oracle of Tehuti/Divine Wisdom Educational Services, Washington, D.C.
Founder and Director, A-T Seban Mesut (African Centered School) A-T Seban Mesut, Washington, D.C.
Chairman of the Board, Kamit Institute for Magnificent Achievers Public Charter School
Executive Director, Kamit Institute for Magnificent Achievers Public Charter School.

Dr Ra Un Nefer Amen I is a world renown, best selling author, lecturer, spiritual teacher, health practitioner and counsellor.  He is the Shekhem Ur Shekhem (King of Kings) and Ashem Ur Ashemu (Chief Priest) of the Ausar Auset Society International (AASI) which he founded in Harlem, USA more than 40 years ago. Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen 1 is also the author of 20 Plus Books and recently released Bazi Success Strategies.  As evidence of the efficacy of the system, the author wrote in the past two years five major Kamitic spirituality books, 2 Qi Gong books, 2 Bazi books including the latest, composed 72 melodies for 72 mantras for his latest Metu Neter book, authored over 12 distant learning classes--all while maintaining an international spiritual educational institution. Join him to learn how you too can ride the wave of the life force's elements to success and well-being).

Ur Aua Tehuti Khamau serves as the chief priest and paramount King of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area of the Ausar Auset Society. For the past 27 years he has been responsible for the administration of classes and ceremonies for the African American community in Philadelphia, Trenton NJ and Pittsburgh Pa. Throughout this period he has trained and supervised over 30 priesthood members developing various levels of proficiency. With the assistance of the priesthood body he has officiated marriage, funerary and naming ceremonies and sponsored scores of uplifting community programs. Professionally Ur Aua has 30 years of experience in business development focused on marketing retail sales and real estate. He has been instrumental in the founding of several Ausar Auset ventures including current retail operations of the Nile Cafe Vegan Restaurant and Nuwaters, a industrial scale water purification business. He also played a pivotal role in the acquisition of the 20, 000 foot complex in Philadelphia that serves as the groups headquarters and retail operation. Nationally Ur Aua is also involved the development of the society's first banking institution. Beginning his training in martial arts at age 16, Ur Aua has developed proficiency in Japanese Goju and later went on to found a Capoeira group in Philadelphia. His early exposure to breathing and meditation practices in these arts matured with his training in taoist yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Iron crotch Iron Shirt Qi Gong under the direction of the sage Ra Un Nefer Amen.