Shekhem Aim Hetep Gary Byrd acceptance speech

"Thank you Bob. Asante!  Greetings in the name of God and the Ancestors in whose foot steps we walk and upon whose ideas we fly. I am not here today to deliver a speech, as much as I am here to deliver thanks and gratitude!  I have had the opportunity over the course of what now turns out to be forty years.  This event reminded me of it because in all honesty I lost track of how many years it had been, until the Shekhem from Ausar Auset Society called me.  The young brother said ‘this award is for you over forty years of broadcasting in New York,’ and I said OK. It’s been forty-three years for us, with the GBE in New York! It’s a pretty amazing journey but you know, when you are working you lose track ah time. You know it’s like that.  I was more focus frankly more so on what is the 50th anniversary which is coming up for me around the year 2015 because I was not born in New York radio. . . . Read More

Dr Ra Un Nefer Amen Speech

For a man to live up to divine truth, for a man to live up to divine law, it’s a great undertaking, because you are measuring yourself by the greatest standard. We have to understand that media is one of the most powerful agencies in the world, you control media you control the minds

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Excerpt from Bob Law speech

It’s is a pleasure for me to be here, with these men.  You know that a great deal of what I do has been reaching out to Black men.  We have called Black men together on a number of occasions since 1995 when, few of you came to meet us in Washington DC, and we have been

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