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"Conference Theme 2013: Healing is in the Spirit"
" Kamitic Healing and Spirituality "

- Opening Plenary -

Shekhem Mehab Neter

Heru Nefer everyone.  Being clear as to why we are here, we are going to address today the current state of black men’s health, and what are our ..... (Read More)

- Lower Your Blood Pressure -

Dr. Ur Aua Khem Men

This is a very practical workshop –I am not going to really talk about high BP because we know that one of the major things said about  ..... (Read More)

- Physiology of the Male Hormonal System -

Dr. Kamau Kokayi

With that said we all know there is a decline in the male reproductive system, and that’s something that men deal with in various ..... (Read More)

- Bazi Astrology -

Dr. Ra Un Nefer Amen 1

Bazi Chinese Astrology – before I begin to talk about it, I want to lay down the context. This is a Black Men Holistic Health and we are seeking health but .... (Read More)

- Men's Well and Virility -

Dr. Ankhnu Uaskhem

Show me with a show of hands where you are from: Washington, Philly, Pittsburg, North Carolina, Chicago, New York; which one’s of .....(Read More)

- Transcend Mental Health Stressors -

Qes Aunghkti

Stress is not nervous tension;  Stress is not the nonspecific results of damage only; Stress is not a reaction to a specific thing;  ..... (Read More)


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